How can I setup Promotion page?

Step 1: Setting up Promotion Plan

  1. Click on Promotion Pricing -> Add New 
  2. Set up your Plan 
  3. Click Publish


Step 2: Creating Promotion Template

  1. Click on Pages -> Add New -> Enter in the Page Title
  2. Set this page to Promotion template
  3. Click Publish
  4. Click on Wiloke Submission -> Promotion Settings (Add-on) -> Complete all Settings there -> Click Save Changes
  5. You can click on View Page at the top menu to view your Promotion page.

Step 3. Showing Promotion on the Front-page

  1. Sidebar Promotion: Click on Appearance -> Widgets -> Looking for Listgo (Promotion) – List of Promotion Listing to the to a Widget area you want.
  2. Search page and Taxonomy: The promotion listings will be displayed on the Top of the Search page and Taxonomy automatically
  3. Under Listing Content: The promotion listings will be displayed under the Single Listing content automatically.

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