How does “Event Plan” work?

Event Plan is available from ListGo 1.2.2, this feature allows your user create events for their listings. 

In this tutorial, I will show you how to setup this feature and explain how Event Plan works.

I. Setup Event Pricing

Firstly, ensure that everything is up-to-date, please read topic to know more How to Activate Wiloke Service?

You will see now Event Pricing from the admin sidebar, click on it:


Setup Event Carousel Shortcode:

Setup Event List page:

Event Pricing Order

Unlike Listing Pricing, you don’t have to assign your Event Pricing to Wiloke Submission, all Publish Event Pricing will be displayed instead:

As the default, the event plans will be ordered by date, but you can also change the event order by increasing menu order value, the highest order will get highest priority:

II. Connecting Event Plan and Pricing Plan

You can also create a connect between Event Plan and Pricing Plan

III. How Add Listing Event works?

As an administrator, you can add unlimited events for any listing you want, of course, it’s nature.

As an Wiloke Submission, you can add an Event for your listing that has been PUBLISHED, the event will be published immediately right in you click on Create Event button. The expiration event will automatically remove from the Events Carousel page and Event List page.


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