How to setup Facebook Fanpage in Listgo?

I. Get Facebook Fanpage

To get Facebook Fanpage Source:

  1. Please go to
  2. Click on Get Code button
  3. Navigate to IFrame tab
  4. Copy code within src tag
  5. Finally, go to Listings -> Your Listing -> Paste the copied code to Facebook Settings


II. Adding Facebook Fanpage to Single Listing sidebar

From the admin sidebar, clicking on Appearance -> Widgets -> Looking for Listing – (OSP) Facebook Fanpage -> Dragging the widget to Single Listing Sidebar area

III. Adding Facebook Fanpage setting to Add Listing page

From the admin sidebar, clicking on Wiloke Design Addlisting -> Single -> Dragging Facebook Fanpage to Used Fields area

IV. Enable/Disable Facebook fanpage to a specific Add Listing plan

From the admin sidebar, clicking on Lisitng Pricings -> Your Pricing -> Looking for Toggle Facebook Fanpage


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