How to setup sidebar on the Single Listing?

In this tutorial, I will show you the structure of Single Listing page. By understanding the listing structure, it makes easier to visualize the meaning of the backend settings and how it will be displayed outside the front-end.


  • 1, 2: It’s the Listing Title and  Listing’s Category
  • 3: There are two kind of Listing layout: Creative Layout: and Classic Layout: 
  • 4: Claim Status
  • 5: Business Status. Each can set Location Timezone for each Listing Location. A Listing A filed under  New York Location (UTC-05:00),  A Listing B filed under Paris Location (UTC+2). As the default, the whole listings will use the default WordPress Time zone (General -> Settings – Timezone), but as you see, the NewYork’s timezone is different from Paris timezone, by specifying the time zone for each Listing Location, the Listing business status will be displayed correctly.

It’s easy to understand, so I will ignore the below screenshot.

To create the Listing Sidebar, from the admin sidebar click on Appearance -> Widgets, All of  them Listing Sidebar Widgets share the same sign (OSP). By using Widgets to display the Listing sidebar items, you can easily remove any kind of sidebar item that you don’t want and you can also re-order sidebar item.

If the Featured Listing setting is enabled, it will be added a ribbon like the screenshot on the front-end.


To create a Gallery like this

From the admin sidebar click on Plugins -> Add New -> Installing and Activating JetPack plugin. Then please make sure JetPack Tiled Gallery is activated:


Now click on Listings -> Add New -> Click on Add Media button -> Selecting some images (Holding ctrl + mouse click ) -> And hit Create a new gallery button


Jetpack offers you lots of cool gallery types, please read this article to know more CREATING TILED GALLERIES WITH JETPACK

I hope this tutorial will help you understand the structure of single listing page so it’s easier to set a listing.

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