Improving your site speed

If you are using Listgo theme, here are some tips that helps to improve your site speed.

  1. We recommend using a good WordPress hosting such as
  2. Log into your site -> Plugins -> Add New -> Installing WP Supper Cache and then Activating it
  3. Once the plugin has been activated -> Click on Settings -> WP Supper Cache -> Enable it. Next, navigate to Advanced tab -> make sure that your settings look like this screenshot 
  4. From the admin sidebar, click on Wiloke Service (If you do not see this plugin, From the admin sidebar, click on Appearance -> Install Plugins) – How to configure Wiloke Service? -> Minify Scripts -> Enable all minify mode -> Click Compress button => Go to Settings -> WP Supper Cache => Flush the cache.
  5. Now, go to CloudFlare -> Opening an account -> Complete all settings -> You can refer to our configuration 

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